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Wreck-It Ralph

One of the most anticipate movies of the year for me, Wreck-It Ralph is about not accepting the status quo and reaching for your dreams.

It’s great fun for both parents and kids alike. There is enough action and adventure to keep them entertained, and enough eye candy and cameos to keep you glue to the screen as well.

With out ruining any spoilers, I can honestly say it was great to see Q-Bert again! It’s been so many years since I dumped a roll of quarters into that game, that seeing that he isn’t completely forgotten was nice.

Keep your eye out for a good majority of the classic games all squeezed into the background of this movie. Half the fun of getting this on DVD or digital on-demand is going to be going back and checking out all the different characters, from all the different video games they’ve managed to squeeze it.

From the penthouse of ‘Fix-it Felix Jr’ to Diet Cola Mountain in ‘Sugar Rush’, there are tons of little details to pick up on. For example if you watch the animation of the citizens of Niceland, you’ll see they match the 8-bit versions of them they show in the game.

Sarah Silverman really steals the show as Vanellope the glitch, and John C Reilly makes a great Ralph. Jane Lynch and Jack McBrayer also do an excellent job. Semi spoiler alert: their virtual romance is an absolutely wonderful sub plot.

I didn’t catch the 3D version and after watching it I kinda wish I did. When it comes to home video I’ll definitely be picking it up in 3D. I >may< go catch it at the theatre in 3D but I have this general rule about not seeing (or more spending) a movie more than once, when I can save that money to purchasing it later. There have been some exceptions to the rule the last two Batman are ones that comes to mind.

With movies like ‘Flight’, ‘The Man with the Iron Fists’, ‘Alex Cross’, ‘Argo, and ‘Cloud Atlas’ its hard to go back to one when there are so many I want to see.

I am glad I caught ‘Wreck-It Ralph’ and you should too, and you’ll get a special treat if your early enough to catch ‘Paper-man’ and stay til the end through the credits. If you like movies like this you’ll like it until the VERY end.

And if you want to have some fun check out my review of ‘Fix-It Felix Jr.

Check for Wreck-It Ralph in a theatre near you!

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