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Bily Foster: Web Designer, Developer and Producer.  Bily has been around the internet since the BBS days.  When he first got his hands on an iPod touch he knew that the iPad wouldn’t be far behind.  One of the first to order the original, and first in line for the last two releases of the iPad.  Bily covers all kinds of tech news all brought to him by his iPad.

Theme Song: “Oddio Overplay” by The Bran Flakes

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Podcast Episode 23 – Hotspoting

I’m Bily Foster and I’m that iPad guy Called that because I’ve almost always got iPad with me, and in some cases two! Today we’re talking about Hot-spotting! I’m so excited about getting an LTE iPad mini. “But Bily, you have an iPad mini”, you might be saying. Well yes however I have the Wifi version, what I really want to pickup is the LTE version. Having Internet access is something that’s needed if you want to use voice dictation or Siri. And the idea of being able to make it a hotspot is going to be great! What’s hot Read More...