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Podcast Episode 8 – Pulse and Magic 2013 | That iPad Guy


Bily Foster: Web Designer, Developer and Producer.  Bily has been around the internet since the BBS days.  When he first got his hands on an iPod touch he knew that the iPad wouldn’t be far behind.  One of the first to order the original, and first in line for the last two releases of the iPad.  Bily covers all kinds of tech news all brought to him by his iPad.

Theme Song: “Oddio Overplay” by The Bran Flakes

Podcast Episode 8 – Pulse and Magic 2013

I’m Bily Foster and I’m that iPad guy
Call that because I almost always got iPad with me, and in some cases two!
Today I’m going to do some quick app reviews!
Okay so I’m pre-recording this weeks episode since I am currently in San Diego checking out Comic Con and will be to busy lost in nerdville to remember to try and squeeze in doing a show.

I’m often asked ‘How do you stay up on the news while I’m away from my command center?’
I use a couple of great apps like Flipboard and Zite, but mostly I use an app called Pulse. It is an RSS reader that goes and gets the articles from different websites and pulls them into one nice place to read them.

Pulse let’s me take the sites I frequent most often and pull them into one central location to review. Depending on how the source is configured you generally get a photo and a brief description, taping the box then zooms in and gives you the ‘feed’ version. Which can be anything from the whole article to the first section again depending on how the source web site has there feeds configured. But never fear you are never more than a few click away from the full article. Tapping the title bring you to the actual web page with the original article. And of course this is a full browser that lets you click to continue on deeper into the source links.

The application lets you configure 12 sources into five panels for a total of 60 sources and plenty to read.

And that’s Pluse and it’s FREE in the App Store

Magic 2013
Back in the day (1993) Wizards of the Coast launched Magic the Gathering a card game with incredible artwork. I had seen a lot of my ‘geek’ friends playing it and I got into it lightly, but just didn’t have the time to invest into building decks and trying to dig up the power cards. And to be honest I also would sometimes get lost in the rules and the steps, when you can and can’t play something as well. I had seen different versions come out on the computer but they never quite seem to have the right ‘feel’.

So bringing Magic to the iPad seemed like a natural fit, and I think they have done a great job. If you’ve never played Magic for what ever reason this is a great way to get into it. Think of it as poker plus. In the more advance parts of the game you get to manage own deck and you unlock more cards as you go along. But as a casual player I mostly just focus on making the best of the hand I’m dealt, but I like that as I get more into the game I have these options.

The game is free and you get the first four encounters as well as the ability to play Multi-Ai battle in single player mode, however if you want to unlock the rest of the game you’ll need to do an in App purchase of $9.99. There are options of purchasing expansion packs for 99 cents but I believe you can unlock by playing and earning access.

There is a Multi-player option that I haven’t gotten a chance to explore yet that is available only in the full unlocked version.

All in all I really dig Magic 2013, and if you are looking for a fun card game with some incredible art work check it out for yourself.
IPad Tip: while typing on an iPad I’m sure you noticed that you double tap the space bar to get period space. But did you know if you two finger tap the space at once you get the same and if you three finger tap you get a period with a double space!

That wraps of this episode of ‘That iPad Guy’ And be sure to ‘Like’ me on Facebook, ‘Follow’ me on Twitter and subscribe at http://thatipadguy.com


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