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Podcast Episode 6 – Best of Google I/O | That iPad Guy


Bily Foster: Web Designer, Developer and Producer.  Bily has been around the internet since the BBS days.  When he first got his hands on an iPod touch he knew that the iPad wouldn’t be far behind.  One of the first to order the original, and first in line for the last two releases of the iPad.  Bily covers all kinds of tech news all brought to him by his iPad.

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Podcast Episode 6 – Best of Google I/O

I’m Bily Foster and I’m that iPad guy
Called that because I’ve almost always got iPad with me, and in some cases two!

Today I’m gonna tell you about the best of Google I/O

Google I/O is Google’s big developer conference and was this past week and there were a ton announcements, from software to hardware were made. They out present Apple in their public live stream of their keynotes to millions, something I still don’t understand why Apple doesn’t do.

This episode I am going to focus on the new Nexus 7 tablet and the Nexus Q one of the most interesting things that’s caught my attention from the keynote. It did that because of its uniqueness and it’s potential in the consumer market.

First up the Nexus 7 tablet, being made by ASUS and is targeting the Amazon Kindle Fire price range starting at $199 and this baby packs a punch. It’s a 7″ android tablet that Google is backing with it’s Nexus brand. A first for ASUS, interesting note only Samsung has built more than one Nexus device.

It’s screen has a 1280×800 IPS (in-plane switching) for good viewing angles and thank goodness a standard connector unlike my echem transformer tablet 😛 it’s loaded up with a quad core processor that should keep it running fast. Unlike the Kindle fire it does have a 1.3 megapixel front facing camera and a microphone so you could use this for Video conferencing.

It’s peaked my curiosity. So I may pick one up down down the road after the first round goes out. If you want to get one you can order it now at play.google.com for shipment in mid July.

It’s $199 but comes with:
$25 credit
Transformers Dark Side of the Moon (Movie)

Even more interesting was the announcement of the Nexus Q, a cloud based stereo that is completely built and designed by Google here in the good ole US of A. When I first heard about it and saw pictures of it floating on the web I thought how annoying that it wouldn’t fit in with your stereo system. Then I started to learn more about it and realized it’s the next generation of stereo, but yet you can still connect it to your existing system. You’re just can going to have to put it on top.

The Nexus Q is so tightly integrated with having an Android device that I do not believe you can use it stand alone. So this isn’t going to be something that my Ma is going to be interested it, however I can see this being used in some really cool social settings and some of my more tech savvy friends picking something like this up.

If I had to sum up the Nexus Q I’d call it a ‘social entertainment hub’ if you are tied into the Google Play system you can then watch and share your content with your friends.

Let’s say John has the Nexus Q and he has a party and Sally and Mark come over. And let’s also assume they all have content they each have purchased individually from the Google Play store. They can all share the content they purchased via access through John’s Nexus Q. Everyone can whip out there phones connect to the Q and See the music playlist, so it becomes a jukebox. But let’s say the conversation steers towards Back to the Future and the debate on if the date set was really set to June 27, 2012 or not. John insists that it is and Mark knows that it isn’t. So Mark, being the true fan that he is brings up his copy on his phone and pushes it to the Q so everyone can see how awesome he is and John is forced to realize his shame.

It’s an interesting approach to potentially killing off the GoogleTV box, don’t get me wrong I think there is still room for GTV but more as an integrated feature in TVs than as a stand alone box. The Nexus Q lives up to its name by becoming that Nexus point where friends can share their content. And I can see how you could have something like this installed at a restaurant and allow customers to set the mix like some of the old diners use to have.

It has it’s own amp built in so speakers can be hooked up directly, and there is the option of pumping the data from the Nexus Q through HDMI or digital audio out to your existing home stereo equipment. At $299 it’s compelling only if you are invested into the Android EcoSystem and I’m not sure if the Kinde Fire will count or not yet.

Regardless, it’s one device I’m going to keep my eye on as it develops.

And speaking of keeping my eye on things the best announcement is not quite consumer ready but once it is, it’s going to be amazing. I’m talking about Google glass, the wearable computer. This really stole the show when they used Google glass, jumped out of the plane and skydived live to Google hangouts on air to millions of people.

Then they did some extreme biking and rode up onto the stage all again live to the Internet and it worked flawlessly. I’m talking to you Microsoft.

Right now Google glasses is limited to the people who were able to attend Google I/O and pay the a $1500 entry fee, but once I’m able to get my hands on one, you can bet I’ll be in line. I’m already saving my pennies so I can get one.

The best way to explain Google Glass is to show it. Here is a clip from Google it really showcases what Google glasses is aspiring to do.

That wraps of this episode of ‘That iPad Guy’ And be sure to ‘Like’ me on Facebook, ‘Follow’ me on Twitter and subscribe at http://thatipadguy.com

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