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Podcast Episode 17 – iPhone 5 Event | That iPad Guy


Bily Foster: Web Designer, Developer and Producer.  Bily has been around the internet since the BBS days.  When he first got his hands on an iPod touch he knew that the iPad wouldn’t be far behind.  One of the first to order the original, and first in line for the last two releases of the iPad.  Bily covers all kinds of tech news all brought to him by his iPad.

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Podcast Episode 17 – iPhone 5 Event

I’m Bily Foster and I’m that iPad guy
Called that because I’ve almost always got iPad with me, and in some cases two!
This week we’re talking about Apple’s iPhone event!

Okay so we are in the aftermath of Apple’s big iPhone 5 announcement and fanboys are drooling. I on the other hand, am tempted over the whole situation. Sure I think it’s great that they increased the size to 4″ and we all knew a new dock connector was coming eventually, but this was more of an evolutionary upgrade over the revolutionary one that everyone keeps expecting.

People always seemed shocked when they find out I’m not panting over the new phone. Again I am impressed but I generally hold out for every other phone because I’m a realist and understand that Apple only loves me as much is my wallet allows.

And >for me< there just wasn’t enough to justify the price tag just yet. I mean we are talking bear minimum upgrade with the iPhone 5. Sure they bumped up the screen size 1/2 an inch, added 5ghz WiFi and LTE, but everything else is really just scaled down to fit into the new slender case. There aren’t any other new hardware upgrades worth touting about, maybe the sapphire lens cover on the camera. But no new ‘Siri’ type feature to really suggest that you have to upgrade. Yes it is a feat of engineering for them to slim it down and stretch it out the device, but the change in form factor made it for the perfect time to change the dock connector. Since case makers had to change the design anyway, now was the time to cut loose the older legacy features and push forward into the future. My problem, it feels like a stumble forward verse a leap. Because of the way they say to go with our Thunderbolt, the new super fast connector on all recent Macs, we introduce Lightning. But it’s just the connector, ultimately it’s the same thing as the 30-pin connector just stripped to core features. The only added benefit is the smaller reversible connector. You are not getting a speed improvement (yet). I say yet because I’m hoping they will announce a Lightning to Thunderbolt cable to give us some high speed backups and syncing. But I have a sinking feeling they are going to hold out until the iPhone 5s, so I am too. Also missing was the iPad Mini that everyone was clambering about. Even I thought that they would announce it at the very end, sneak it in Steve Jobs style. But this isn’t Steve Job’s Apple anymore. Now hear me out. I don’t say this in jest, I say this in all seriousness. There is a story about the level of detail Steve put into the iPhone. Such focus that he was tweaking the yellow in a GOOGLE icon on a Sunday because it wasn’t right. And now in the new Icon for maps there is an obvious mistake and this is suppose to be their ‘new’ and ‘better’ maps. Also there was an air of secrecy when it came to Apple, and this is where I get my Monday Morning Quarterbacking confirmation there wasn’t going to be an iPad mini, at least until next year. Everything hardware wise was leaked before the event. The only thing we were surprised with was the wireless 5ghz addition and the polish of the actual final device. Dock Connector – leaked Screen size – leaked Body style – leaked LTE – leaked Okay they did surprise us with the new iPod touches in the VERY Japanese inspired colors and the EarPods. And if I didn’t already have a spare iPhone 4 that I’m using as a digital camera (to save on my phone battery) then I >might< have considered the new iPod touch to use, but it too got the bear minimum of a 5 megapixel camera with flash which is, I’m betting, what were going to get with the next iPad.

The iPod touch did get the biggest jump, in regards to features. Now that it too will include Siri it makes for the perfect PDA, which is what I use to use mine for back when I went to office. Now I do most of my organizational work on my iPad of course.

The EarPods, I’m not going to really even go there. Mostly because I want to be fair and right now I can’t because I haven’t gotten a hold of them. Also the only thing I have to compare them to are the original EarBuds which I never could get to stay in my ears, and my really nice ZaggEar Buds. If I get my hands on a set I’ll do a fair review.

In the meantime keep your eyes open for iOS 6, it’ll be available sometime this Wednesday and it comes with all of the software features coming to the iPhone 5!

The best feature by far are the addition commands you can give Siri. Like ‘Tweet this’, and ‘Post to Facebook’. My favorite is having Siri launch Apps.

I’m less than thrilled about the Maps, I miss Google Maps this is years behind what Google has currently. The removal of YouTube (something I mentioned in a past podcast) is no surprise, what is however is that Google doesn’t have a native iPad app available, instead it will be coming in a later update. Part of me thinks this is Googles way of trying to annoy the iOS user to the point that they what to check out Android. This seems to be what Google does now, release an iPhone version then a few months later release the iPad version.

The other interesting thing missing from the Apple event was any word about the AppleTV. Not even a mention about how it’s doing number wise. Maybe that’s where they are focusing all of their secrecy. Maybe 2013 is going to be the year of reinvention.

The fighting a getting fierce, and Apple is feeling confident that what they have through into the mix is going to help them sustain their lead.
Samsung, Amazon and Google have shown their cards. Will Acer or LG or Sony come up with a surprise before the end of the year? And next month comes leave new window surface tablet running Windows 8. it’ll be interesting to see how well it’s received with its one tablet to rule them all approach.

So that Wraps up another this episode of that iPad guy. Again thanks for watching and be sure to like me on Facebook, follow me on twitter, or Circle me on Google Plus and visit “That iPad Guy . Com ” to subscribe!

See ya next time!

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