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Podcast Episode 13 – HD Radio | That iPad Guy


Bily Foster: Web Designer, Developer and Producer.  Bily has been around the internet since the BBS days.  When he first got his hands on an iPod touch he knew that the iPad wouldn’t be far behind.  One of the first to order the original, and first in line for the last two releases of the iPad.  Bily covers all kinds of tech news all brought to him by his iPad.

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Podcast Episode 13 – HD Radio

I’m Bily Foster and I’m that iPad guy
Called that because I’ve almost always got iPad with me, and in some cases two!
This week it’s ‘HD Radio’

We all know that we’ve transitioned away from analog TV signals and TV stations are broadcasting in HD, but did you know radio ALSO has an HD option? One filled with commercial free radio that you can simply grab from the air?

No dealing with accounts and emails, No logins, no Internet connection. Simply turn it on, tune it in, and enjoy hours of crystal clear, commercial free music. Now my engineering friends have been singing the praises of HD Radio for years, but only recent picked up my first HD Radio and I can tell you already that I’m hooked!

Now you might be wondering why the heck would I care about HD Radio when I have the Internet and can access streams from all over the world? Well yes that’s great when I want to go seek that content however I say 75% of the time I just need some background music that keeps me from going crazy. And while I have a decent size collection of music from my years in radio, sometimes I just want to tune in and not think about it.

The additional benefit although a minor one, it saves on bandwidth and traffic on my network that isn’t ‘productive’ traffic. I know, I know, it’s not THAT much traffic, but consider how ‘connected’ everything is in my house every little bit can help.

At any one time I’ll have Ma video chatting on Skype to Vietnam, while she’s watching Hulu, meanwhile Matt will be in the other room catching of on Fringe via Amazon Instant Video, and I’m working and processing sites and files so having the extra bandwidth freed up Is always a good thing.

The biggest advantage of HD Radio, I can have several though out the house and they will all be in sync. No 2 sec delay in this room or working to try and get them as cooooolse as possible, they all just pull the feed right out of the air.

Did I mention that these stations are mostly commercial free? I say mostly as a CYA in case a station in your area is running spots but in my experience the most I’ve heard is a promo or two.

Why aren’t there any commercials? Well because it’s still ‘new’, just like when a new station launches and for the first few weeks there are little no commercials but of course a station can’t sustain that and needs to eventually start selling that ad space to support the business. Catch is with HD Radio, the ‘main station signal’ pays for the rest, so at this point you have commercial free options.

How long will it stay, that all depends on how the market evolves but right now we’re still in that honeymoon phase and the cost is only thermite of a receiver. So next time you are looking to upgrade your stereo check to see if there is an HD Radio option, you’ll be glad you did.

Now HD Radios do cost a little more, start from $50 to $100 but if you consider you can access these little to no commercial feeds without any kind of subscription I think it’s a pretty far shake.

In fact we are now looking into upgrading our car stereos so we can pick up HD radio while on the go.

So that Wraps up another this episode of that iPad guy Again thanks for watching and be sure to like me on Facebook, follow me on twitter, or Circle me on Google Plus and visit “That iPad Guy . Com ” to subscribe!

See ya next time!

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