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Audio Podcast Episode 26 – CES Preview | That iPad Guy


Bily Foster: Web Designer, Developer and Producer.  Bily has been around the internet since the BBS days.  When he first got his hands on an iPod touch he knew that the iPad wouldn’t be far behind.  One of the first to order the original, and first in line for the last two releases of the iPad.  Bily covers all kinds of tech news all brought to him by his iPad.

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Audio Podcast Episode 26 – CES Preview

I’m Bily Foster and I’m that iPad guy
Called that because I’ve almost always got iPad with me, and in some cases two!
Today we’re talking about CES predictions!

CES starts up this week and already to buzz is flying about TVs, cheap tablets and the battle for the living room.

The problem is the only thing I’m seeing are companies pushing the hardware further, but no one is talking about improving the interface or the experience. And while 4k pictures are beautiful, there isn’t any real content out there to support it.

Of course rumors are rumbling about an actual TV for the next AppleTV but I’m still not putting my faith in those rumors, but if they do I’m hoping they still make the stand alone box and maybe call it the AppleTV mini or something.

Since Apple doesn’t show up at CES any more, we’re going to get to see everyone else’s attempt to snag the living room market. We’re seeing the latest versions of GoogleTV and the new Roku box on a stick (for supporting TVs).

Logitech has left GoogleTV behind but Vizio has jumped into the mix with its CoStar Box and ASUS is suppose to be launching their new Qube set-top box and LG is also going to be launching with a GoogleTV product. All of this was suppose to be at last years CES but at the last minute Google asked manufactures to hold off so Google could refine the software.

I’m not 100% sure if what they’ll show is different than what I’ve experienced since I have a Logitech GoogleTV and while there have been some stability improvements but no real leaps and bounds in the interface.

It’s also looking like sound bars are hitting the convention floor in the hopes to replace the 5.1 or 7.1 speakers systems for your home theaters

I’m anxious to hear about Qualcomm’s new StreamBoost WiFi routers that is suppose to ‘revolutionize’ Internet bandwidth management which is suppose to ‘learn’ over time to prioritize the more relevant traffic.

It looks like Car Tech could be making a big splash too, from in car accessories to self driving cars. Yes, you heard that correct, Toyota and Audi are both going to be showing off self-driving cars. Audi is said to be able to locate a parking spot and self park without a human behind the wheel.

One of the more interesting things I’ve been reading about is a combo LCD and eInk screen into a phone from YotaPhone. While I don’t have high hopes that its going to be a well built device I’m always down for checking out a new approach to things. I understand the concept of having both screen types you can save battery but it sounds clunky in this iteration. It’ll be interesting to see how they execute the function of two screens on the device.

And the thing that everyone is a buzz about is the Samsung new TV shape invitation. They are showing a portrait shape vs the traditional landscape. The invite also implies that it could be see through. What does it all mean? Only Samsung knows, I’m guessing that if they are releasing a TV like that the rest of the space could be used for web surfing or other activities. Samsung does have their Multi-tasking feature on tablets, maybe they are bridging that to the TV? I’m not sure the weird thing is the promo video that has a bunch of TVs coming to see the new TV ends up seeing a traditional TV shape, so maybe it’s just marketing buzz.

So we’ll see what bubble up to the top to shine at CES. Will last years winner Simple.TV show up? And if so what are they going to show? I know there are rumors of a Google Watch (although I don’t expect it to make an appearance here) and I know Pebble is going to be making an announcement on Wednesday. Will Sony have something to show in the watch realm, or will they fold after there first attempt (and failure) at a SmartWatch?

Stay tuned for more!

That Wraps up another this episode of that iPad guy. Again thanks for watching and be sure to like me on Facebook, follow me on twitter, or Circle me on Google Plus and visit “That iPad Guy . Com ” to subscribe!

See ya next time!

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